Can You Be Scammed On OfferUp?

How long does an offer last on OfferUp?

OfferUp explains in the help file, “Meet the seller within 6 days.

If you don’t meet within this time, the offer will expire and will automatically be canceled..

How do I cancel OfferUp?

Deactivate an accountGo to Account deactivation and log in.Select a reason for leaving, then choose Deactivate account.

Is it safe to give phone number on OfferUp?

So it’s definitely a scam. If you don’t see any previous activity or someone immediately asking you if it’s available and asking for your phone number, ignore it. There’s a scam going around where they ask you for your number to send a code to make sure YOU are a real person. … And NEVER EVER give them a code.

Can I cancel a purchase on OfferUp?

Make sure you’re in the Messages tab. Find and tap the Messages conversation to find the item you want to cancel. Tap View offer. Tap Cancel offer, then Cancel offer again to confirm.

Should I give my address on OfferUp?

Please don’t give away personal information such as email, phone number, or address. Use in-app messaging to communicate securely. Pay with cash or use OfferUp Payments available in some markets.

How do I purchase on OfferUp?

How to buy on OfferUpMeet in-person to purchase an item. Make offer.Purchase a shippable item. Make offer. Buy Now.Buying from Pro Sellers: Buy Now.

How do I remove an item for sale on OfferUp?

Archive or unlist an itemTap.Tap the item you’d like to archive. (or you can simply tap Archive from the Selling page)Select Archive from Item Dashboard page.Once you’ve archived an item, it will move the item and any messages about it to your Archive. Any alerts or notifications about it will also be removed.

Can you get your money back on OfferUp?

Purchases from Pro Sellers Using the app, buyers have the option to request a refund. Once a refund is requested, Pro Sellers will need to accept the refund in order for it to be approved. If a refund is not accepted, the buyer can submit a claim to OfferUp Support for assistance.

Is it safe to buy on OfferUp?

While OfferUp is certainly safe to use, our OfferUp review found that there are plenty of precautions that users must take to avoid OfferUp scams. This is true no matter what app you choose—even the best buy and sell apps leave users vulnerable to scam artists.

Does OfferUp have fake buyers?

In 2006, it was reported that 44.9% or almost half of all consumer complaints were related to online fraud. OfferUp, a popular site for buying and selling items has made attempts to end the trend. … OfferUp car scams abound. Scammers often pose as trustworthy buyers or sellers of big price items like cars.

How do I get paid on OfferUp?

To get paid on OfferUp, sellers collect cash in person or get paid through the app for shipping transactions.Selling locally. Usually, a seller and buyer make a tentative agreement about the price before they meet. … Selling shipped items. When shipping, sellers get paid through the OfferUp app. … After you sell.