Does 1800contacts Verify Your Prescription?

How long does it take 1800contacts to verify prescription?

48 hoursIt may take up to 48 hours to process your order.

We’ll verify your contact lens prescription with your eye doctor as soon as possible.

If you would like your order to ship immediately, you can fax your prescription to 1-800-875-9851 or email it to

What is prescription verification?

A prescription is considered verified if the prescriber confirms that it is accurate by responding to the seller, if the prescriber informs the seller that the prescription is inaccurate and provides the accurate information, or if the prescriber fails to communicate with the seller within 8 business hours after …

Does Lenscom verify prescriptions? requires a valid prescription for all contact lens orders. You can obtain a copy of your prescription from your doctor and forward it on to, or you can simply provide with the necessary information and we will verify it with your eye care provider.

What is the cheapest place to buy contacts online?

First LookBest Overall: Discount Contact Lenses at … Best Budget: AC Lens at … Best for Convenience: 1800contacts at … Best One-Stop Shop: Lenscrafters at … Best for Buying Only Online: Coastal at items…

How much does 1800 contacts eye exam cost?

Based on the results of nearly 5,500 customers who participated in that pilot, we felt comfortable partnering with Opternative to offer this service.” InstaRx costs $40 for customers who only need a contact lens prescription the cost is $40.

Why is my contact prescription stronger than glasses?

As pointed=out by others, due to the greater distance that glasses sit off the eye, they usually need more minus to compensate, so contacts are weaker than glasses for myopia, stronger for hyperopia.

Which prescription is stronger glasses or contacts?

Contact lenses made to conform to a glasses prescription would be stronger than necessary, which could cause vision problems. Finally, your glasses are shaped to correct for astigmatism (irregular curve in the cornea or lens). However, contacts must be designed to fit the astigmatism, if there is one.

Can I order contacts online with an expired prescription?

Can I buy contacts with an expired prescription? You will need a current, valid prescription before you order more contacts. Fortunately, if your eyes and contacts feel fine you can now renew your contact lens prescription online using 1-800 Contacts Online Prescriptions.

Does Walmart verify contact prescriptions?

If you don’t have their number, provide your doctor’s name and the city where you had the exam, and Walmart can find the contact information we need to confirm your prescription.

Can an eye doctor withhold my contact prescription?

It requires eye doctors — ophthalmologists and optometrists — to give patients a copy of their prescription – whether they ask for it or not. It’s the law.

How accurate is 1800 contacts eye exam?

On its website, 1-800 Contacts says the tests are highly accurate. “In independent clinical trials our vision exam was as accurate as a traditional refractive exam performed by an optometrist or ophthalmologist using a phoropter,” the company says.

Can you order contacts with a glasses prescription?

Unfortunately not. Your eyeglass prescription only has the power part of the contact lens prescription. In addition to the power the proper base curve (BC) and diameter (DIA) are needed to order contact lenses. Contact lenses come in different sizes and must be fit to your eye by an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist.

Is it OK to buy contact lenses online?

Response: Buying contact lenses online is perfectly safe as reputable retailers do not stock any products that would harm your eyes. Eye infections and complications are more likely to be occur if you don’t care for your lenses properly.

Can I get my glasses prescription online?

Other websites offer prescriptions for glasses and contacts based on the results of your tests. An eye doctor in your state will check over your results and email you a prescription. Then you can order glasses or contacts online. Not every state will allow you to get an eye prescription this way.