Question: What’S Another Word For Accommodate?

What is a synonym for accomodate?

oblige, admit, adapt, lodge, fit, suit, reconcile, adjust, conform, hold, conciliate.

accommodate(verb) provide with something desired or needed..

What is a synonym and antonym for accommodations?

əˌkɑːməˈdeɪʃən) Making or becoming suitable; adjusting to circumstances. Synonyms. betterment domestication fitting readjustment improvement shakedown habituation advance adjustment. Antonyms. late middle borrow loosening tightening.

What part of speech is accommodate?

accommodatepart of speech:transitive verbinflections:accommodates, accommodating, accommodateddefinition 1:to have room for. This apartment accommodates four people comfortably. synonyms: contain, hold similar words: carry, house, lodge, seat, sleep11 more rows

What does exaggerate mean?

1 : to enlarge beyond bounds or the truth : overstate a friend exaggerates a man’s virtues— Joseph Addison. 2 : to enlarge or increase especially beyond the normal : overemphasize. intransitive verb. : to make an overstatement. Other Words from exaggerate Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about exaggerate.

What does it mean to accompany someone?

transitive verb. 1 : to go with as an associate or companion She accompanied me to the store. 2 : to perform an accompaniment to or for He will be accompanying her on the piano. 3a : to cause to be in association accompanied their advice with a warning.

What is another word for hospitality?

In this page you can discover 52 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for hospitality, like: good cheer, comradeship, welcome, good-fellowship, geniality, warm reception, warm welcome, unfriendliness, bountifulness, amiability and amicable.

What are three synonyms accommodate?

What does accomodate mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to provide with something desired, needed, or suited I needed money, and they accommodated me with a loan. 2a : to make room for rebuilt the ship to accommodate the bigger containers. b : to hold without crowding or inconvenience a hotel that can accommodate about 100 people.

What’s another word for support group?

support group12-step group.AA.Alcoholics Anonymous.Weight Watchers.encounter net.therapy.

What is the opposite meaning of accommodate?

Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms accommodate. Antonyms: inconvenience, disoblige, disturb, misfit, incommode, deprive, aggravate. Synonyms: convenience, oblige, adapt, supply, reconcile, suit, fit, adjust, furnish, serve, harmonize.

What is the meaning of compromising?

1a : to come to agreement by mutual concession The two sides were unwilling to compromise. … c : to expose to suspicion, discredit, or mischief His reputation has been compromised. 2 : to adjust or settle by mutual concessions An arbiter was brought in to compromise their differences.