Question: Who Did Tracy Grimshaw Marry?

How much does Liz Hayes earn?

It is claimed that the leading current affairs program costs $20million a year to produce, with reporters such as Liz Hayes, 63, on a salary of $500,000..

How much is Tracy Grimshaw worth?

Tracy Grimshaw is an Australian TV personality and journalist who has gathered a net worth of $1 million.

Is Tracy Grimshaw single?

The private life of Tracy Grimshaw has been under media scrutiny recently, yet, her only perceived crime is that she is single at 59 years of age. … Tracy Grimshaw is an Australian TV host and actress. The A Current Affair host has successfully remained active in her chosen field for more than three decades.

Who is Liz’s father?

Bryan RyanLiz Hayes/Fathers

What happened to Liz Hayes dad?

Renowned 60 Minutes journalist Liz Hayes suffered an emotional breakdown as she revealed her father died due to a major hospital mishap. Hayes father Brian Ryan, 88, passed away on September 11 last year as a result of a “catastrophic” stroke after he wasn’t given his prescribed medication for eight days.

How old is Tracy Grimshaw?

60 years (June 3, 1960)Tracy Grimshaw/Age

How long has Tracy Grimshaw been on ACA?

She is currently the host of A Current Affair and was a co-host of Today for nine years….Tracy GrimshawOccupationJournalist Television presenterYears active1981−presentEmployerNine NetworkTelevisionA Current Affair2 more rows

Is Deborah Hutton in a relationship?

Deborah Hutton is dating new boyfriend Andrew Marsh after breaking up with former Robert Dulhunty.

How old is Deborah Hutton?

59 years (December 20, 1961)Deborah Hutton/AgeOn Monday, the 58-year-old media personality shared a photo to Instagram showing the right side of her face, which had stitches on her upper lip and nose area.

How old is Liz Hayes?

64 years (May 23, 1956)Liz Hayes/Age

Is Debra Hutton married?

Personal life In 2015, Hutton bought a $3.8million house in the Sydney suburb of Bronte, with her partner, Robert Dulhunty.

What did Jayson Westbury say to Tracy Grimshaw?

The CEO of Australia’s peak body for travel agents has resigned after he viciously attacked A Current Affair host Tracy Grimshaw, saying she “needs to be given a firm uppercut or a slap across the face”.

Who is Liz’s partner?

John Singletonm. 1991–1992Ben CraneLiz Hayes/SpouseShe has been with her current partner, former 60 Minutes soundman Ben Crane, for more than a decade, though she maintains a close friendship with second ex-husband John Singleton.

Does Tracy Grimshaw have a child?

Chris WilliamsChildTracy Grimshaw/Children