Quick Answer: How Can I Complete Ncert In 2 Months?

Can we prepare for boards in 2 months?

2-Month Study Time-Table for Class 10th Students.

For CBSE 10th students the following timetable or schedule is the most appropriate one to complete their entire syllabus in just 2 months and prepare board exams simultaneously.

Just keep this timetable in front of you and pick up your books.

For the students..

Is Ncert compulsory for IAS?

Every year at least 35-40 prelims questions are directly asked from the NCERTs. … For Example, Geography NCERTs of class 11 and 12 and History NCERT of class 10 and 11 are the most comprehensive books which must be read by every aspirant.

What is difference between old and new Ncert?

Old NCERT books are written in a factual and direct manner. … As Old NCERTS are more factual, less stress is given to graphical illustrations. Old NCERT textbooks are mostly in black and white. The old ones had fewer photographs and diagrams when compared to the new.

How can I complete Ncert in 3 months?

Here are a few tips one can follow to cover NCERT books in just 3 month span. Segregation: There are many NCERT books to be covered. One has to segregate the books on two basis, i.e. Class wise and Subject wise. You can now start covering the books class wise or subject wise.

How can I study smart?

10 proven tips to study smarter, not harderStudy in short chunks. Short study sessions help the synapses in your brain process information much better than lots of information in long sessions. … Get in the zone. … Sleep well and exercise. … Write flash cards. … Connect the dots. … Set goals. … Aim to teach it. … Read aloud and recall.More items…•

How can I get 90 in board exam?

To score 90+ you need to utilize each and every minute and study a total of at least 8 hours a day – for that cut down your sleep to 6 hours instead of 8, utilize the free time during school, stay less distracted and most importantly stop going to your coaching classes (unless you have to clear any doubts) instead …

Is Ncert enough polity?

Friends, when it comes to preparing for polity do not try to read as many books as possible. NCERT books for class 9 to 12 and the book by M. Laxmikant will suffice.

What is the salary of IAS?

IAS Pay Scale and GradesGradePay ScaleYears of Service RequiredSuper Time Scale1,00,000 – 2,00,00017 to 20 yearsAbove Super Time Scale1,00,000 – 2,00,000VariesApex Scale2,25,000 (Fixed)Varies( around 30 years)Cabinet Secretary Grade2,50,000 (Fixed)varies4 more rows•Sep 22, 2020

How much time it will take to complete Ncert?

How much time does it take to cover all NCERT books? You have to read about 40-44 books in total, and it would take you about three days to complete one book which contains about 14-16 chapters. So, in total it would take you about 2.5- 3 months to read all the books.

How many hours should a 10th class student study?

What needs to be kept in mind to avoid stress? The students should study a maximum of 10 hours a day and a minimum of 7 hours of study is enough for them to pass. We tell them to practice as much as they can through sample papers, and solving them in 3 hours by keeping a watch beside.

Which Ncert is best for UPSC old or new?

Any IAS aspirant would know the importance of NCERTs for the UPSC exam….New NCERTs:The new textbooks have a more narrative style to the material contained.The topics are explained with a build-up to the concept. … Also, it is observed that the new NCERTs contain fewer errors as compared to the old ones.More items…•

Is Ncert is enough for UPSC?

The NCERT books of class 9th and 10th are also recommendable for IAS Prelims Preparation but not necessary (in case they have enough time). For the preparation of the Environment and Ecology section, the IAS aspirants must go through the study materials provided by NIOS.

How can I learn Ncert for IAS?

An effective way to read NCERTs for UPSC Civil Services…You can choose any subject first and then, start from class 6 to 12 for that particular subject book.In your first reading, try to clear every concept of topics, and then during 2nd reading, you can make your own notes.Generally, for history, the old NCERT books are recommended and, for geography, new ones.More items…

Can we clear UPSC without coaching?

Yes, one can clear the IAS exam without coaching. But may not be ‘everyone’. It depends on his/her efficiency in self-study. If you are good at self-study, you can clear UPSC CSE without any classroom coaching.

Is Jee tougher than Upsc?

UPSC and JEE are two of the most coveted exams. UPSC can easily be considered to be an exam which checkmates JEE and takes the title for the most challenging examination in the country and probably even the world at large.