Quick Answer: What Did Mahendra Decide After He Had Seen The Ghost?

What daily routine did iswaran follow?

Iswaran would make Mahendra’s breakfast early morning and prepare the lunch for him to carry.

When Mahendra was away he would finish off his daily chores and have a leisurely bath after that, He would then have lunch while reading fora and then take a nap..

What was Mahendra marital status?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni Height, Age, Girlfriend, Wife, Children, Family, Biography & MoreBio/WikiMarital StatusMarriedAffairs/GirlfriendsPriyanka Jha (died in 2002) Lakshmi Rai (South Indian actress) Sakshi Singh Rawat (Sakshi Dhoni)Marriage Date4 July 2010Family64 more rows

What did Mahendra see on full moon night and how did he feel?

Once, on a full moon night Mahendra was sleeping when he was suddenly woken up from his sleep by a low moan close to his window. So he leaned forward to peep out of his window and saw a dark cloud form clutching a bundle in its hand. He got frightened by the horrific site and went back to sleep again.

What would iswaran do after Mahendra had left for duty?

Answer: When Mahendra left for the office, Iswaran would do his work and take a leisurely bath. While taking bath, he kept muttering a prayer. After lunchtime, he would read for a while before going to sleep.

How did iswaran describe the female ghost?

Iswaran described the female ghost in the most garish manner. He said she had matted hair and a shrivelled face. She was also holding a foetus in her arms.

Can u think of some other ending for the story?

The story could have ended on a more positive note. … Instead of resigning from his job, Mahendra could have been shown as a real courageous man and proving the ghost theory wrong.

What was Mahendra one asset?

He had an amazing ability to produce vegetables and cooking ingredients out of nowhere. Mahendra always kept him wherever he was posted. The cook was also quite attached to Mahendra and followed him uncomplainingly. That is why he was an asset to Mahendra.

What was it that makes life smooth for Mahendra?

Iswaran cooked for Mahendra, washed his clothes, and chatted with him at night. He would narrate various stories on varied subjects. He also had an amazing ability to produce vegetables and cooking ingredients out of nowhere.

What did Mahendra tell iswaran after hearing ghosts story?

He told him that he had come running to his room after hearing the moans. Mahendra felt frightened and ran to his office. Now he decided to leave that haunted place immediately. The story gives the message that the unnatural world of ghosts and spirits is merely a figment of our imagination.

What did Mahendra see from the window?

Mahendra never believed in ghosts and spirits but one night he had woken up from his sleep by a low moan near the window. He could not resist his curiosity and tried to look out. To his horror, he saw a dark cloudy form clutching a bundle.

What impact did the story of the female ghost have on Mahendran and what did he decide to do after he had seen the ghost?

Answer. After hearing from lswaran about a female ghost, Mahendra became uneasy. Before going to bed, he would look into the darkness outside from his window to ensure that there weren’t any ghosts outside. He avoided looking out of his window particularly on full moon nights.

How did iswaran say the elephant was revived?

How did Iswaran say the elephant was revived? (a) He said he gave the elephant an injection.

Why did Mahendra decided to leave the haunted place?

1 Answer. He was afraid of the haunted place after hearing and watching a ghastly experience at night. He found that he often dreamt of that woman ghost. Therefore, he wanted to leave the place.

Why did Mahendra want to shift from his workplace?

Answer Expert Verified Mahendra had to move place to place because he was a supervisor in a firm . That firm offered to hire supervisors at the construction sites. The nature of his job was to move from one place to another. … His job was to keep an eye on the activities at the work site .

How did iswaran build up his ghost story?

Iswaran built up the ghost story by narrating how he sometimes saw ghosts at night. He told details about having seen an ugly female ghost holding a foetus in her arms.