What Did Mahendra See On Full Moon Night And How Did He Feel?

How could Mahendra adjust easily to any condition?


Mahendra could easily adjust to any condition as he was a bachelor and had the habit of moving from one place to another…

What did Mahendra see at night?

Mahendra never believed in ghosts and spirits but one night he had woken up from his sleep by a low moan near the window. He could not resist his curiosity and tried to look out. To his horror, he saw a dark cloudy form clutching a bundle.

What happened to Mahendra during full moon night?

But on one ‘full moon night’, Mahendra woke up from his deep sleep by a low moaning voice. He was very curious to know what the sound was all about. He got up from his bed and looked out of the window. … Scared out of his wits’ end, he jumped back into bed panting and sweating.

Why did Mahendra move from place to place?

Mahendra was a junior supervisor in a firm and he had to keep an eye on the activites at the work site. Therefore, his job demanded him to move from one place to another.

What would iswaran do after Mahendra had left?

Answer: When Mahendra left for the office, Iswaran would do his work and take a leisurely bath. While taking bath, he kept muttering a prayer. After lunchtime, he would read for a while before going to sleep.

What did Mahendra decide to do after his experience on the full moon night?

When he recovered from this frightening experience, he concluded that it must have been a certain trick that his involuntary mind had played on him. After his experience, Mahendra let himself to leave that place. He went to his office and handed his papers deciding to leave the place the very next day.

Why did Mahendra listen to iswaran’s stories without interrupting him?

Explanation: Mahendra listen to Iswaran story without interrupting him because Iswaran was an excellent storyteller his story’s are full of thril and are interesting .

Why did grandfather buy the monkey?

Where did Grandfather buy Toto from and why? Answer: He bought Toto from a tonga-driver. The tonga-driver used to keep it tied to a feeding trough where the monkey looked highly out of place, so he decided to buy him to add to his private zoo.

How did iswaran build up his ghost story?

Iswaran built up the ghost story by narrating how he sometimes saw ghosts at night. He told details about having seen an ugly female ghost holding a foetus in her arms.

Why did Mahendra decided to leave the haunted place?

1 Answer. He was afraid of the haunted place after hearing and watching a ghastly experience at night. He found that he often dreamt of that woman ghost. Therefore, he wanted to leave the place.

Why did Mahendra enjoy his stories?

Mahendra enjoyed listening to Ishwaran’s story because of the inimitable way in which it was told. His stories were packed with adventure, horror and suspense.

How did iswaran describe the uprooted tree?

Iswaran describes the uprooted tree on the highway with eyebrows suitably arched and hands held out in a dramatic way. He would begin by saying that the road was deserted and he was all alone. … But as he came closer he saw that it was a fallen tree, with its dry branches spread out.

How did Mahendra see the female ghost?

Mahendra calls ghosts or spirits a figment of the imagination as he did not believe in ghosts. One day Iswaran told him about a female ghost holding a foetus in her arms. On a full-moon night he woke up from his sleep and looked outside the window. He got shocked to see the same figure and began to sweat profusely.

Why did Mahendra expect iswaran angry?

Mahendra expected Iswaran to be angry because he had stopped Iswaran from telling a useless story. He had disliked the story and interrupted him sharply. He had scolded Iswaran badly and said that Iswaran had gone mad.

How would you describe Mahendra as a man?

Answer: Mahendra was a young man and a bachelor. He was a junior supervisor at a construction site . His job was to keep an eye on workers at the construction site.