What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You One Of A Kind?

What are synonyms for amazing?

astonishingamazing.astounding.bewildering.breathtaking.extraordinary.impressive.marvelous.miraculous.More items….

What does it mean when someone says one of a kind?

: a person or thing that is not like any other person or thing I don’t know how we’ll ever replace Mary after she retires. She’s really one of a kind.

What does a guy mean when he says you’re different?

When a guy tells you that he thinks you are different, he is comparing you with all other women he met before or had a relationship with. He spends time with you and he finds distinct and pleasing qualities that makes him want to know you more. … There are only two camps: you, and all the other women.

Is it one of a kind or one of a kind?

For example: “He is a one-of-a-kind man.” Is the expression used as a predicate adjective after the verb to describe a noun before the verb? If so, don’t use hyphens (see example 2). For example: “That man is one of a kind.”

How will u know if a guy loves u?

He puts you first. One of the signs a man loves you is when he frequently puts you first. In fact, this may be one of the deepest signs he really loves you. It is truly an act of love and unselfishness to put the needs and happiness of another person first.

Is one of a kind formal?

In formal English, “kind of” means “one category of,” or “one example of” a given category. It’s the most formal, “correct” use of the expression.

What is another word for one on one?

one-on-one (noun) tête-à-tête (noun) tête-è-tête (noun) confronting (verb)

What does it mean if a guy calls you weird?

If a guy calls you weird, it simply means you are not at all his type. However, it should not disappoint you. Sometimes weird people could be very much interesting and they are hard to ignore.

How do you say you are one of a kind?

one-of-a-kind / synonymsunique.distinctive.special.unique example.unparalleled.inimitable.unprecedented. adj. & n.unrivaled.More items…

Is it a good sign if a guy calls you?

Usually, guys avoid talking on the phone unless it’s something important, but if your guy is willing to call you, then you have become really important to him. He wants to hear your voice, admire the way you speak. He is ready to take out time for you and make a call.

What is a weird person like?

Weird people keep an open mind and are not content to take things at face value. Weird people are too complex to solely depend on common sense and logic. Weird people are deep and creative. Weird people read the rules in order to learn which ones should be broken- and how.