What Is Didi Short For?

What is DeeDee a nickname for?

DeeDee as a girl’s name is a variant of Dee (Welsh), Deirdre (Irish, Gaelic), Delicia (Latin), Diana (Latin) and Didi, and the meaning of DeeDee is “swarthy or sorrowful”.

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What language is Didi?

Arabic”Didi” (Arabic: دي دي‎) is a song written and performed by Algerian artist Khaled, released in 1992.

Is Dede a male or female name?

Dede Origin and Meaning The name Dede is a girl’s name of origin.

What does Didi mean in Philippines?

Searching for “didi”: 1 records. Tagalog. English. diri. 1) /pang–/ (pandidiri) feeling of loathing for what is foul or filthy (noun) 2) /naka–/ (nakapandidiri) loathsome (adj)

What does the name Didi mean?

Didi as a girl’s name is of German origin meaning “warrior of the people”.

What Does Dede mean in texting?

What does DEDE mean? Dede(adj) dead.

What is Dede short for?

The meaning of Dede is “Short form of names beginning with the letter D”. Its origin is “Variant of the nickname Deedee”. Dede is a form of Deedee and is generally pronounced like “DEE dee”. This name is mostly being used as a girls name.

What does Di Di mean in Chinese?

English translation of 弟弟 ( didi / dìdi ) – younger brother in Chinese. DICTIONARY.

Is Wil short for William?

The name William became very popular in the English language after the Norman conquest of England in 1066 by William the Conqueror. … It is sometimes abbreviated “Wm.” Shortened familiar versions in English include Will, Willy, Willie, Bill, and Billy. A common Irish form is Liam.

How do you spell the name Wil?

The name Wil is a boy’s name of origin meaning “will”. This spelling pares Will down to the bare minimum — and why not? It is also a Welsh diminutive of William / Wiliam / Gwilym.

What does Didi mean in Arabic?

It usally uses simple small words that incite emotions. In Algerian arabic language. DI = TAKE. DI DI = TAKE TAKE. DI DI ZINE DI= TAKE, TAKE THE BEAUTY, TAKE.

Is Didi a English word?

Noun. (India) A respectful term of address to any familiar older woman.

How can I call my sister?

Small and common nicknames to call your sistersBaby— A common one, but still, preferable.Babe— This one is for a little darling sister.Dear— This is also common, but people like it.Sis— A common short form of sister.Sissy— A cute and common nickname to call your lovely sisters.More items…•

What is Wil short for?

Short form of WILLIAM and other names beginning with Wil.

Is Dee a boy or girl name?

Boy or Girl? Dee: It’s a girl! Since 1880, a total of 6,192 boys have been given the name Dee while 13,844 girls were named Dee.