What Is Ultimate Gold Class Package?

What is the difference between Vmax and Gold Class?

VMAX is the bigger screen (but it won’t present the film in an IMAX ratio – those are reserved for IMAX screens).

Gold Class is the more luxury experience, but with a smaller screen (and a smaller theatre), with proper restaurant-style meals/drinks packages.

VMAX will probably offer the better viewing/sound experience..

Is food included in PVR gold class tickets?

Food is included in the ticket price or food cost…

Do gold class seats recline?

THE EXPERIENCE. Relax, unwind and indulge in Gold Class – our first class cinema experience. With exclusive lounge access, in-seat service and fully reclining seats, get the star treatment today.

What is PVR Lulu gold?

PVR Gold – Lulu Mall, Ernakulam is a popular theatre located at Lulu Mall, 2nd Floor, National Highway 47 Entrance, Nethaji Nagar, Edappally, Near Union Bank Of India, Ernakulam, North, Kochi. … Facilities available at PVR Gold – Lulu Mall, Ernakulam are Parking Facility, Dolby Atmos, Wi-Fi and Food And Beverage.

Can you use gold class tickets for normal movies?

All Event Cinemas Gift Cards, including Gold Class branded cards, can be used for your choice in type of admission or food and beverage across any of our experiences, including standard, Vmax, 4DX and Gold Class.

Does Gold class include popcorn?

I enjoy Lux at Hoyts alot more then Event Gold Class – free popcorn and soft drinks as a bonus.

Is Vmax gold class?

Vmax is for mates, Gold class is for dates. VMAX you’re still sitting in a big cinema room whereas Gold only has like 32 seats or something like that.

What is Gold Class package?

With wall to wall screens, fully reclining arm chairs and food and drinks delivered to your seat throughout the movie. This Gold Class ‘Experience’ package includes: 2x Gold Class Gift Vouchers. 2x $10 Gold Class Bar Vouchers to be used on drinks or food.

How much does a gold class movie ticket cost?

Event Cinemas PricesAGETICKET PRICEGold Class (afternoon)Child$28.00 – $32.00Adult$28.00 – $32.00Student/Pensioner$28.00 – $32.0036 more rows

Does Gold class include food?

The Gold Class theatre is an intimate setting that seats no more than 30-54 people where guests can relax in the comfort of full reclining armchairs. A delicious food & beverage menu provides a fantastic selection to add to your experience and one of our waiters will bring this into to you while you enjoy the movie!

What is difference between PVR and normal cinema?

Screens: The picture screens at INOX are standard, while the one at PVR cinemas are state of the art. Also, the screens at PVR are much bigger than the screens at INOX. 3. … Sound Quality: With striking picture quality, PVR also has amazing sound system that makes the PVR cinema halls more preferable.

What is the difference between prime and classic in PVR?

No. There isn’t any difference in seat quality of PVR’s Classic and Prime seat. If you ever noticed, what now is called as Classic, Prime and Gold or Recliner seating were earlier defined as Normal, Silver and Prime. Is PVR safe to invest in?

What is the cheapest day to go to the cinema?

The cheapest days to go are always Monday to Thursday. Most cinemas have lower prices on these days, and cheaper still before 5pm.

How much are Gold Lounge tickets?

Reading Ticket Prices (AUS)AGETICKET PRICEGold Lounge MoviesChild (3-14 years)$21.00 – $28.00Adult$21.00 – $28.00Senior$21.00 – $28.0039 more rows•Mar 20, 2017

Is GV Gold class worth it?

Golden Village Gold Class Experience: So Much More Than Bigger Seats & Blankets. … Promising an immersive and exclusive movie experience, GV’s Gold Class is well-worth the money and truly a #treatyoself.